How’s the Job Market?

Consider your skills and qualifications as part of you relocation to Raleigh. Who else here would hire you? The good news is that Raleigh continues to have a thriving business community and has even been given the top spot on Forbes’ Best Places for Business and Careers list. No one wants to think about losing their job, but have a plan if you move and do get laid off. Knowing that there are other employment opportunities is a good thing.

How’s the Real Estate Market?

Outside the obvious cost of moving is the cost of real estate. Raleigh has traditionally been a strong market for home sales and is poised for continued success. Check out America’s 20 Fastest­ Growing Cities.  Thanks to our success as a city, our housing market has stayed relatively stable. The recession years hurt, but that was most places in the country and not specific to Raleigh.

How’s the Community?

People that move to Raleigh and often wind up living somewhere else in the area. There are 10 other towns in Wake County that surround Raleigh, not to mention Durham, Chapel Hill and Clayton are popular destinations just outside Wake County. We will help you get to know the area and find the things you are looking for. We love it here and are happy to help you find a community around Raleigh that works for you. Didn’t we talk about making a list of favorite things to do in Raleigh? Link to that here. From historic attraction to America’s best beer bars Raleigh has received more than 20 accolades as one of the best places in the nation to live, work and play.

What is their to do outside of work? If you have kids you’ll want to consider local schools and perhaps activities for kids. Be sure Raleigh has what you want to fulfill your lifestyle so you don’t wind up moving here and then complain to us all the time about how boring Raleigh is. We really hate that.

The Bottom Line About Relocating to Raleigh

It’s a great place, but until you live here we are just blowing hot air. Before you pack up your whole life and move to Raleigh, get us involved. Make the most of your investment by hiring Raleigh’s Realty Brothers to help you transition into a new home, neighborhood and community.