Scott Graves

Scott, along with his brother Jason, has sold hundreds of homes in the Raleigh area. Jason claims to be the better looking of the two, but Scott is definitely the smarter one!

Integrity is at the very core of how Scott runs his business and serves his clients. He has been a licensed broker in North Carolina since 2005 and a licensed general contractor since 1997. He worked in corporate tax for eight years prior to entering the Raleigh real estate market as a custom home builder. His unique work history has created an amazing set of tools he uses to advise his clients when they are ready to buy a home.

“The best information comes from a voice of experience and that’s exactly what I bring to my clients. Numbers make me happy. I help my clients make sense of the numbers and the construction process. Of course, if numbers bore you then we can talk about something more fun like how much I hate cutting grass.”

Scott has extensive experience with resale properties, remodel projects and new home construction. He brings key relationships from his days as a home builder to his clients helping them in their home purchase during and after a sale.

Scott met Michele, his wife while attending Clemson. His oldest daughter, Jessica is currently a student there and Claire, his youngest, has expressed interest in going to school there as well. He hunts in North Carolina and Virginia and when he’s got the time at home he’s becoming quite the brew master brewing craft beer at home.