Jason Graves

Buying and selling real estate is a WE process, not a ME process. Can­-do thinking and a knack for creative strategies are key factors Jason brings to the real estate business.

Jason’s goal is to work with his clients on an intimate level where he understands why his clients want and need things done. He utilizes his past experience to guide his clients and applies new technologies to speed up the process and share information.

Jason has been a licensed North Carolina real estate agent since 2000 and a broker since 2002. Jason’s older brother Scott joined him in 2005 in an effort to enhance their client’s experience. Once you get to know him, you’ll understand his jokes are the only thing about him that are more worn than his real estate license.

“I want this to be a fun process. Let me handle the stress of the transaction so you can focus on your what color you want to paint the master bedroom. It’s just a house and I have sold hundreds of those. My success comes from the lives I help my clients find.”

Jason’s focus is to promote his client’s interest, protect their assets and keep them out of real estate jail while finding the best home for them to wake up in every day.

Raleigh is a fast growing town with new and old neighborhoods to suit your needs. Jason is highly experienced with resale, new construction as well as remodel projects. Call him when you are ready to buy, sell or explore popular Raleigh neighborhoods.

“I am a North Carolina native and originally moved to Raleigh in 1985 after being held captive in western New York for eight years. Man that was miserable. Being cold and gray six months out of the year was not for me. Crazy thing is that I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a little while in between colleges before I remembered that being cold was not my key to happiness. After another six years in Charlotte, I found my way back to Raleigh in 2000 to be closer to family.”

When he’s not working, he’s at home in Garner with his wife Mary Ann, son Tyler and daughter Isabelle. He actually LIKES yard work and spends time helping coach his son’s little league team in the spring and fall. His latest passion is trail running where he is competing in the RAGNAR Trail Relay in West Virginia in 2015.